Wwoofers at Glenlands Farm, New Zealand

From time to time we engage the services of “Wwoofers” – Willing Workers on Organic Farms, is the traditional meaning for the term Wwoofer.  We are not “Organic” but do believe in looking after the soils and the animals as holistically as possible.

We normally engage the services of “Wwoofers” during August through to December as this is when we are calf rearing.  You will experience all aspects of farming life, from purchasing of calves through to weaning.  There will be sheep work as well e.g. docking and moving of stock.  If interested Dean is willing to show the successful applicant all aspects of farming, in-particular regenerative farming.  Generally, the work is for about 2-4 hours during the morning and then another 1-2 hours after 3pm.  Renumeration package will be discussed with each individual applicant but will normally be a paid position with board (accommodation and food) deducted from wages.  The successful applicant will need to be fit and healthy and have the ability to listen and follow instructions. There is heavy lifting involved and hygiene is paramount as we are handling baby animals. 

This is a whole “kiwi” family experience and we  would like the successful applicant to be part of our family whilst here.  If you are interested in applying for a Wwoofing position please contact Dean and Antoinette at info@glenlandsfarm.co.nz

We have had made long life friendships with the majority of our Wwoofers and here are some of their experiences:

Robert-jan Vandesompel – Belgium

“I stayed at Glenlands Farm for about 2 months in total.

It was my first Wwoofing experience and their first-time hosting, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I had a great time and a lot of good memories.

For the first month I stayed in the house of the grandparents, they are lovely people and took good care of me. Then I stayed another few weeks in the glamping tent. It’s pretty cosy and you probably get the best view of the whole farm sitting on the deck.

My main task was helping with the rearing of the calves.  It can be tough work, but the calves really are the cutest 🙂 and seeing them grow feels rewarding.  Work was mostly in the mornings and early evenings, so I had a lot of time to go exploring the area during the day.

The property is quite big, you can go for hikes and try and find the 14 or so waterfalls.  If you’re up for it, Dean will surely take you for a “walk” in true kiwi fashion around the farm.

Many greetings, I will surely come back one day, perhaps when visiting Australia maybe in a couple of years.”

Nathalie Wulf – Germany

“At Glenlands Farm I had a really good time. I’ve worked as a wwoofer (willing workers on organic farms) together with Dean. If you would like to have a stay with this awesome family, you will work around four hours per day at the farm. Normally we started at 8:00 with a breakfast and then drove with the quad around the farm. We fed the cows (the little ones), brought the sheep/cows from one field to another, put up fences, looked if the sheep and cows are alright and healthy, planted plants and looked if everything is alright on the farm. Dean is a really understanding, sympathetic and knowing person, who shares a lot of knowledge with you and wants to explain a lot about the farm but also about New Zealand and other stuff. Around lunch time we drove back to the main house to have lunch. Most days, after lunch I had time for myself. In the afternoon the kids, Charlene and Jorja, came back from school and kindergarten. They are two cute girls who love to laugh a lot. Also, Antoinette arrives back home from work around dinner time. She is a lovely mother who likes to talk, help and laugh a lot. Antoinette also helped me after my stay and I always enjoyed talking to her. I spent Christmas at Glenlands Farm and especially during this time it was wonderful to have such a lovely family around me. I always had a person that I could talk to especially when I felt sad but also to have a good laugh. I felt totally integrated and really enjoyed my time. At the weekends we did some adventures together and it wasn’t a problem when some travel mates wanted to visit me. They always had another place to sleep. I would recommend this lovely farm to everybody who wants to have a great time and enjoy the farm work.

I was also privileged to be the first person to stay in the beautiful and cosy glamping tent accommodation. There is a queen bed, toilet, shower, couches, table and chairs, dressing table, games, BBQ, chilly bin, plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, tea, coffee, sugar, salt and pepper available. It’s such a big tent, that you will not notice that this is a tent. It is more like a little flat. Also, the possibility that you can sit cosy outside in front of the tent and look over a huge part of the farm (especially nice during the sunset) is awesome. I’ve stayed for seven weeks at this place and the best part of it was the open-minded, warm-hearted and helpful family. I can recommend this accommodation and farm work experience.  Thank you very much for everything!! Looking forward to catching up with you soon”

Andrea Munoz Merino – Chile / NZ

“My experience working at Glenlands Farm was amazing.  I started as a volunteer / part time worker about two years ago, where I was able to go out to the farm for a couple of days a week to practice some of the farm skills, I had recently learnt on a degree taken at EIT.  Other ‘wwoofers’ were already working there as well since it was calf / lambing season and extra hands were needed.  Calf rearing was a new experience for me.  Working at this farm and with Dean, was the best opportunity I could have had.  The knowledge and experience on grass feed, production and the love and respect for his animals was why I was willing to stay working on the farm and undertake any jobs available.  I am still keen to go work at the farm anytime they need extra hands if my other work commitments allow it.  They are a very nice family and good hosts.  They are always keen to help if needed.  There are lots of animals around and different areas to learn and work on.  A 100% recommendation for a cool “Wwoofing” experience.”

Nadia and Bruno – Spain / Argentina

“We have had the good fortune to live and work with the Martín family. Dean, Antoinette, Jorja and Charlene are really lovely.

We also enjoyed our space in the tent, where you can hear the beautiful sounds of nature that surrounds you and have great views.

With our basic English and our little experience, Dean has patiently explained all about the work. He is a true passionate about what he does and really knows how to transmit it.

We are very grateful for our experience and we miss our time with them. We recommend the experience with full confidence.”

Interested in Wwoofing at Glenlands?

If you are interested in applying for a Wwoofing position please contact Dean and Antoinette at info@glenlandsfarm.co.nz

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