SheepMaster Breed, The future of Farming – Ram Sale

We are excited to share our journey with the innovative SheepMaster breed and its positive impact on our farming practices and details of an upcoming Ram sale. This breed offers the perfect blend of environmental sustainability and enhanced productivity benefits.

Glenlands Farm in Esk Valley, Hawkes Bay, is a place deeply rooted in our family history, and it’s also where our passion for sustainable farming practices thrives. Recently, we’ve made a significant decision to fully commit to the SheepMaster breed, a self shedding sheep, and here is why.

Recognising the challenges of the wool market and the increasing labour costs associated with wool production, in 2019 we transitioned from wool sheep to shedding sheep while focusing on grazing management and ecological systems, reducing external costs wherever possible. Looking for the ideal breed that would enhance pre-Christmas growth rates, maximise the number of lambs sent off the farm before Christmas, and reduce our summer stock. We trialed Wiltshires and Australian Whites, which showed promise, but it was the SheepMaster breed that truly stood out in our environment – even through the extreme weather from Cyclone Gabrielle and an incredible wet summer.

In September 2021, we imported SheepMaster semen and have found remarkable improvements in the breed’s feet and worm resistance. This breed, designed for more muscle and less fat, incorporates genetics from African, Israeli, and European sheep, offering favorable traits such as fertility, walkability, productivity, early maturity, and aseasonal breeding. After two breeding seasons, we are now convinced that SheepMaster is the future for Glenlands Farm. We achieved a 98% scanning rate this year, with a higher percentage of twins compared to the other breeds we previously trialed. SheepMaster’s shedding sheep qualities don’t compromise early growth, making it a top choice for our needs. Not having to dip sheep for fly and reducing the need for drenches is another advantage.

Our trials extended to other farms, where we leased out some SheepMaster rams and sold hoggets. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with the lambs born small but growing quickly, showing extra growth prior to Christmas compared to Texel ewes.

Upcoming Sale – Your Chance to Get Involved!

If you’re interested in the SheepMaster breed and want to get involved, Glenlands Farm is hosting an on-farm hybrid sale on November 16th. We have 30 rams and two tooths up for auction, and bidr® will be present which you can attend online, no matter where you are in the country. This is your chance to explore and invest in genetics that we are passionate about developing.

For more information, visit our website and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for the latest updates and insights about SheepMaster and sustainable farming practices.

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