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Glenlands Farm is a 244ha family farm since 1970, which is located in the Esk Valley, Hawkes Bay. Currently farming sheep, beef and goats.

Regenerative Farming

Regenerative Farming

We made the change to a more holistic grazing management to improve pasture persistence and diversity. We sow diverse crop mixes that provide forage for not only livestock but pollinators, birds and keep the soil covered.
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Consultations & Events

Consultations & Events

Book a farm tour for an in-depth look into what we do.

Our Vision

To focus on soil health using an ecological system including regenerative farming principles. Livestock are a tool to achieve this goal, the biproduct of this is healthy stock with increased yield production.

From time to time we will hold field days and open up our farm so that any interested party can see what it is that we do and why.  If you don’t want to wait for a field day, then please either book a farm tour or come and stay in our glamorous Safari Tent and book a farm tour whilst here for a more in-depth look into what we do.

Your Hosts

Dean & Antoinette Martin

We are both family orientated and have two beautiful girls as well as two amazing adult children. We love living and working on the farm. Our focus is on improving soil systems which will then improve our production quality. We believe in using holistic and biological farming methods to achieve these goals. We try to build experiences with our kids and therefore love to experience new foods and places.

Latest News

Glenlands Farm History

Glenlands Farm was purchased in 1970 (previously known as Dillon’s) by Sue and Gerald Martin.  Glenlands has always been a mixture of sheep and beef

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What is Regenerative Farming?

At Glenlands Farm we see regenerative farming as using animals to improve soils.  Regenerative Agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that increases

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Winner 2009 Michael Hay Memorial Award for a young farm forester